Saturday, May 13, 2017

Denver to Kentucky, 8.28 - 9.5

Our adventure really begins!! While we'd been living in our RV Lucy for a month already, we were parked at a friend's place and hadn't left Denver yet. The end of August meant it was finally time to head east, ready or not, we had our Amazon job to get to! The plan was to get to Bowling Green, Kentucky where we would spend a few days at the Camping World there getting a new awning with all new hardware and a new fridge. From there it was a short hop to Campbellsville and our new job with Amazon.

Not a lot of photos, cause honestly it was hot and we were traveling across the middle of the US. Not much to see, lots of sweating...

We decided to spend our first night in a rest area right off the interstate. Not too bad, we weren't the only RVs there. Felt plenty safe, it was well lit and cared for, but it was a bit loud being that close to the road. Convenient and free.

Trial by fire getting used to the rig fully loaded with the trailer. Honestly wasn't too bad, but since then we have lost a bit more weight making it nicer to drive.

Lucy, our 1993 23.5' Tioga Montara and Fanny (hehe, get it? Our big fanny? *snort), our 2015 6'x12' v nose enclosed trailer:

Our tires were in good shape and only a few years old but.... Well RV tires are under a lot of stress. Especially when you're loaded doing 65 on the interstate and it's 95 degrees out! Had our first blowout... One of the inner dualies. We felt an odd vibration then BANG, there went the tire. Thankfully Lucy was still easy to control, we got off the interstate to get to work. The tire had damaged the inner fender, but we'd repair that once we got to Kentucky. Consider ourselves VERY lucky there was no additional damage. My skills learned working part time at Big O tires came in handy, but jeez that was still a hot and difficult process to do by hand...

You can see my thoughts on the tire.... The following day we had all 4 dualies replaced and a few months later we did the front tires as well.

We were both pretty pooped and VERY hot, glad to find our free spot for that evening, right along a fantastic river. I'm sorry I can't remember exactly where we were!

No traveling pictures the following day, we were still on the interstate and have I mentioned it was hot?? Lucy doesn't have any dash A/C...

We did find an impeccably maintained city park right along a river for that night though. Still hot, but we enjoyed running around barefoot in the grass. There was a spigot with free potable water, gotta say we both enjoyed our outdoor showers!

So much grass for Derby to enjoy!

Next day we got into Bowling Green. Derby enjoyed getting off the interstate and into towns and slower roads. We opened up the window for her and she could see everything!

Clearly you can see this RV traveling stresses her out... LOL

Spent the next two days parked in the Camping World/Cabella's parking lot while we had the work done.

Got the bikes out for the first time since we left, we figured they were wondering how in the world they got there!

It was nice to be in one spot for two days. We stocked up on supplies, got hair cuts and I introduced Karla to one of my favorite regional "fast food" places.

Once the work was done it was a half day's drive to Campbellsville. We had a reservation at the local state park on a big reservoir, but we arrived on Labor Day weekend so wouldn't be able to get in there until after the holiday. No problem, there's an RV park literally across the street from Amazon that's first come first served and was barely half full.

Our first of many Campbellsville sunsets!!

What a sigh of relief it was to get to Campbellsville. We learned quite a few things. First, always replace tires. Even if they're not too old and look fine, you never know how they've been cared for. The tires on Lucy were in great shape, we suspect the previous owner was not diligent about tire pressure which caused the de-lamination. Second, traveling and "camping" across the heartland in August without any A/C is downright torture. We haven't experienced heat like that since, and hope to avoid that situation in the future. If/when we have to do it again, we'll be sure to just bite the bullet and pay for RV parks along the way so we can atleast have A/C in the evenings to help us sleep. Third, THIS WAS TOTALLY AWESOME!! We loved Lucy, she was a great size. Fanny was so convenient, it was like having a garage again. The new awning and fridge were excellent investments. We couldn't wait to see what the upcoming months would bring and had no clue how many good friends we would make. Tally ho!

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