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Picking Up Our New Home, 3.15-17

Karla and I found our new home, she was all tucked into a nice woman's driveway south of Fort Worth, Texas. We found it listed on Craigslist with a wonderful story attached. The owner, Susan, had purchased the RV on a bit of whim, with the plan of driving with her 90 year old mother to Virginia for a family gathering. Well, her family got wind of this plan and put the brakes on immediately. Susan was fantastic on the phone, having a good laugh at herself, her big dreams and impulsive decision. She was happy to have our good friend Gary swing by to check out the RV for us. Gary and his wife Carole also live south of Fort Worth, as 12 year full time RV veterans they were just the folks to confirm if this would be our new home! They took the time to meet Susan and go over the systems with a fine toothed comb. The rig was perfect, but well worth the price. A phone call to Susan, a little negotiating to help with travel expenses, and our flight was booked! Here are a bunch of photos from the Craigslist ad. (You'd hardly recognize her now after all the remodeling we did!)

We left Denver at 0'dark thirty on Tuesday morning in 30 degees and 30mph winds, brrr! Stepping out of the Dallas/Fort Worth airport into 80 degrees and sunshine was a bit of a shock. Perfect RVing weather! Gary was kind enough to pick us up, we were to Susan's in no time. The RV was in excellent condition, we knew quickly we made the right decision. We drove it back to Gary's, where he and Carole walked us through all the systems.

We learned about the water systems, electrical, generator, water heater and air conditioner. Fixed a few little things right in his driveway. The hardest thing to "fix?" Getting more air in the back tires. LOL! Tire valve extenders are on the list... Just before dinner time, we discovered the rear clearance and running lights didn't work. WHOOPS! None of us thought to look, as Susan had paperwork from getting the RV inspected. Couldn't find anything wrong with the fuses or bulbs. The brake lights and turn signals worked great, so it was safe to operate but our plan to drive it home in one day were scrapped! No problem, a few phone calls and we would take two days to get home. A bit of a blessing I think, we were looking forward to not having to rush.

Had a blast with Gary and Carole, this would NOT have happened without their help, guidance and hospitality. There is no way we could have found something like this in Colorado, and we would have totally missed out on the three hour "here's how everything works" walk through. Brilliant.

Once the sun was up Wednesday morning we were on our way. Thanks to Gary's three page turn-by-turn directions to get us home, it was easy! We opted to stick to highways instead of the big interstates. It's the way we roll. ;)

Did you notice the hula girl on the dash? Yeah, she's permanently glued there. Had a hoot of a time going through Texas beauty queens going back to the mid 70s as we drove along. At one point Karla, looking through the lists, exclaimed "Hailey Hay!" It was perfect, but then she says, "wait no, that's not right, the name is ______ Hay." Too bad, name stuck!! Hailey Hay, our dashboard beauty queen!

Texas farm roads were the name of the game!

Lots of small Texas towns

Yelp brought us to the Brown Cow Family Restaurant in Vernon, TX for lunch.

You know it's Tex-Mex when it's smothered in "queso." No judgement, the carnitas were incredible and service was perfect. The two sips of Karla's sweet iced tea might have given me diabetes....

Oh hey, I can see our house from here!

Back on the road, driving along next to fields and fields of an empty crop, all these skinny sticks poking up out of the ground. Couldn't figure out what it was!! Stopped for a bathroom break (in our house, WOOHOO!), and Karla had an ah-hah moment! Cotton!!

Rolled past a bunch of these pretty flowers, google said it's Canola.

Next stop was Amarillo for gas. Gary had alerted us that Flying J's almost always have dump stations. Our black tank (the poo one) was full, and the grey tank (sink, shower) was half full or so. There was a Flying J in Amarillo, perfect timing cause we needed gas!

Ok, so there's one issue here.... Does anyone know what a dump station looks like??? Um, yeah... We don't!! Drove around and around the massive truck stop twice, couldn't find it. Opted to pull into the "RV only" gas pump (hey that's awesome), gas up and act like we knew what we were doing... I'm rolling up to the pump thinking, is this far enough? How about now? I'm guessing that's good... Hop out and yeah I'm like three feet two far... So much for looking like we know what we're doing!! Karla found herself a super duper windshield squeegee.

We finally figured it out!! Begone full tank of poo!

There really isn't much to see on the 2 lane highways between Texas and Colorado... So we must entertain ourselves... Never good when Karla has the camera!

Hehehehe, so this was fun. Full time RVers, heck even regular RVers, are famous patrons of Walmart. So, lets stop! Need some supplies anyway. Please imagine us setting up our tripod in the parking lot. LOL got plenty of looks.

Found ourselves a beautiful spot for the night out on some farm roads.

I think the Dramamine is wearing off...

Let me tell you, after years and years and years of camping in a tent we quickly learned two things that night. It was cold. Quite cold. RVs are chilly! Secondly, it is AWESOME to have a furnace and thermostat everywhere you camp! I know, total pansies, but so nice.

Sunrise! Time to get home. Heard there was a storm coming in too, so didn't want to dally.

Hailey Hay rockin the road west


Home just in time!

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