Sunday, May 21, 2017

Quartzsite 1.12 - 2.12

Karla and I have planned this trip since we first started talking about full time RVing. Quartzsite during the winter months is a well known haven for snowbirds and full timers. One of the largest RV and trade shows is held here every January. Most of the notable RV clubs and groups also hold annual gatherings.

We decided to hook up with a club called the Xscapers, a group for full time rvers that haven't yet retired. While the group really wasn't what we were expecting, we enjoyed ourselves making new friends and the area was fantastic. The desert is a beautiful place in the winter! Loads of riding right outside our door, sunsets and sunrises like we hadn't seen in months, and the town of Quartzsite really catered to RVers. Good for us as this was our first attempt at long term boondocking! We found some additional wiring for our solar setup and a new house battery in town.

Enough yabbering, photos!

We arrived the day before the Xscapers gathering officially started, snagged the perfect spot at the bottom of the rally area. Outside our front door was nothing but open desert.

Plenty of cactus, of all kinds!!

Derby's snow boots certainly came in handy, glad we kept them. They did a great job protecting her feet on our daily walks.

Great hiking

Took a ride out to the famous Desert Bar. Set on an old copper mine, originally opened in the 70s and runs on solar power. It's pretty much in the middle of nowhere, only open in the summer, cash only and accessible by dirt road only. Yes!!

The bar is just ahead

We also sorted out our shower situation. We don't use the shower in our RV. It's tiny, probably leaks and would use way too much water (we have really small tanks). Our good friend Jason from Amazon recommended we try using a weed sprayer to make an outdoor shower, and let me tell you it works great! We've fine tuned the system since, the trailer works as a great "indoor" shower when the weather is cooler.

The low desert southwest really treated us well. Enjoyed our time there, meeting people, sorting out boondocking and doing a lot of great riding. Even got a great trip in to San Diego! That's for another blog post though....

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  1. Karla and Ash,
    what a beautiful view of your life. Having been there makes this even better for me.