Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Las Vegas 4.8 - 9

Ok so I've never done Las Vegas....

Karla's birthday was coming up...

Ok now I've done Las Vegas!!

It was completely overwhelming. You really didn't know where to direct your attention, everything was shouting so loudly for it. Enough to just about make you sick. But then I'd find myself completely enraptured by all these tiny details. The flowers at the Bellagio or the insane marble floor in the lobby of the MGM Grand.

Big thanks to our friend Griz from Phoenix for joining us! She definitely made the experience so much more fun.

Just a few pictures, as I lost most of them when my phone crashed. Bugger.

You can park right behind the strip and stay for free. No joke. There was security too, not like any of it was sketchy. Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet.

Total splurge.... Paris buffet. OMG. I'm used to buffets being awful. Ok, maybe tolerable. Certainly not good. Yeah. Mind blown.

Thanks for making the drive Griz!!

I think the Bellagio was my favorite.

No drinking was involved. For hours. Definitely not.

Which made us laugh at taco advertisements...

Slot machines. They make no sense AT ALL. Seriously. But at least now I can say I've gambled, as previously I'd never even done so much as buy a lottery ticket.

Fun times. I remember most of it. ;) Not sure I'll go back, but glad to have experienced the strip!

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