Tuesday, May 23, 2017

San Diego, 2.5 - 8

Guess what's only 4 hours from Quartzsite? San Diego!! Our friends Mac and Carole live in Oceanside and agreed to host us. The are long time volunteers at the zoo and gave us a great tour. We really enjoyed our time with them, look forward to seeing them both again soon.

Karla's friend Kristin also lives in SD, so she went out a few days early to visit with her. I enjoyed the ride out solo, definitely different country out here than either of us are used to.

Sand dunes!

The San Diego Zoo is fantastic, if you haven't been get it on your list. I really dislike zoos, but it's hard not to get behind a place like this. I have a bunch of photos, here's a few of them.

These two hung out for a good while. This poor guy really seemed sad.

These two had a bit of a row.

Check out that look...

I might be humanizing, but listening to her/him wail on and on made me want to cry.

The following day we spent the day enjoy some of the sites of San Diego. First stop was the dog beach in Oceanside. Derby LOVED IT.

Well except the ocean part... She's not one for water and this was rather intimidating... She was still a very good girl and posed for the camera.

Balboa Park was up next, wow that was spectacular. 

This ficus tree was planted prior to 1915!

The Botanical Building was beautiful, completed in 1916.

Some great mountain roads for the trip home, so we opted for an early start. I've been wanting to try the pie in Julian for a while now. The riding was super fun, especially on a week day with no traffic.

So much twisty goodness. Great views too.  Glad we got up early.

Julian pie was excellent! I had photos of the pie, but lost them when my phone fried itself... Use your imagination.

Had fun exploring the sculptures in Borrego Springs before heading back to Quartzsite.

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