Thursday, October 7, 2010

Rocky Mountain National Park Afternoon Ride, October 2010

  • Date: Tuesday, October 5, 2010
  • Attendees: Smash and Karla
  • Total Miles: 220
  • Major Waypoints: Glen Haven, Estes Park, Rocky Mountain National Park, Peak to Peak Scenic Byway

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Karla got a huge promotion within her company, we found out just the day before. This was her day off, so I asked her what she wanted to do to celebrate, and I would do my best to be done with work before the day was completely gone. "I would like to go see some more fall color on the bike." Ok!!!

Hit some rain and sleet in Rocky Mountain National Park... Almost no traffic... Dramatic weather made it an even better ride. Yes, the colors were past peak, but we weren't riding among bare trees either! Oh, and LOADS of elk. Seems the rutting season was finally over and they were settling into their new groups.

This nifty little road spits you out at the backside of the Stanley Hotel. See? Having a GPS can be very nice.

Our camera takes TERRIBLE pictures when zoomed... So sorry these look so far away!

This guy had his butt kicked at some point...
Seemed to be a gouging injury on his front left shoulder causing a pretty good limp.
Still retained three females though and he was getting around, so life isn't too bad!

Yes, we were headed in that direction, and waaaay up in elevation. Plus the storm was headed towards us. This was going to be fun. Something about moisture really turns the colors on.

Stopped at this pullout to don our raingear.

One of my favorite shots of the ride:

More elk

Another herd above treeline

Those guys got pretty spooked. We couldn't figure out why until we spotted another big male on the opposite hillside....

On top of the world... We couldn't stay long though, weather was worsening.
I didn't want to get in a "the road is freezing" situation.

So, we turned around to head back down and you guessed it. More elk.

Sun was going down as we hopped on the peak to peak scenic byway

Little detour to check out two groups of elk sharing one field

And another in someone's yard

Check out the old dude on the left. He was obviously no threat whatsoever.
Looked like a grandfather.

Anyways off we go....

Last photo....

We weren't home, but had to trash the rest as it was too dark.

Full slideshow (65 photos)

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