Wednesday, October 27, 2010

ST Ride October 23, 2010

On the Honda ST (like my bike) forum we have gatherings called Ride to Eats, RTE for short. I decided to try my hand at leading one! They are very relaxed, as is on par for the forum. Pick a place to eat, take a nice ride there or back or both! Awesome.

Jim's Wings in Fort Collins was an obvious choice, allowing us to take a nice ride to Estes Park and down the Peak to Peak. Too late in the season to try Rocky Mountain National Park. Heck, mountains had snow from the day before, and it was looking like they would get more snow the day of the ride. Kept a close eye on the radar. Got pretty much soaked on the 1.5 hour ride up, but with the right gear it wasn't bad. Lunch at Jim's was excellent, but we unfortunately forgot to snag a picture of the bikes in front of the restaurant! Whoops!

Karla did snag one while we were waiting for Chuck to get gas, he's out of the picture at the pump on his Vstrom 650.

Weather definitely wasn't going to be perfect, we would be flirting with cold temperatures (it was in the 40's in Fort Collins) and possibly a smidge of precipitation. Kept a close eye on radar and CDOT road cameras and decided to give it a shot. It's easy to come back down off the Peak to Peak, so if things turned at all hairy we'd quickly be out of it.

Time for lots of photos! 

Still some color left up Rist Canyon above Fort Collins

A stop in Glen Haven was a must do, this was the last weekend the general store would be open til spring

They are rather famous for this.... And the ST group has a notorious sweet tooth!

3 of the guys continued on from here to turn back at Estes Park. Two gentleman followed us, but cut off early heading back down on highway 7.

Up to Estes! And yes, this road really is this steep.

Winter is almost here

Came out next to the Stanley

Off on the Peak to Peak

Definitely chilly up here and the wind was building. Weather was very dramatic and made for incredible views!

We passed only one other group of bikes. All sport bikes, saw more than one rider in jeans and tennis shoes. Wow, stupid and FROZEN. Brrrrr. Seems the weather had kept everyone else off the mountains.

Waved goodbye as the last two headed down 7 while Karla and I aimed for Raymond

Found the last vestiges of fall color on the Peak to Peak down in Raymond which is a bit more protected from the wind.

As we got closer and closer to Nederland, the temperature continued to drop while the wind got worse. Official temperature in Nederland was 36 degrees with a sustained 28mph wind and gusts much higher. Exciting! Saw a few tiny snowflakes as well, although the roads were dry. Only got one picture, which proved to be the last of the day. We buggered down 72 to hit the warmer temperatures! It was our first big chill of the season. Quite dramatic! That night and following day Nederland received several inches of snow.

Karla did snag some video coming down 72 near Pinecliff

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